What happens when you’re attracted to the very person who wants to kill you?

Gianni, a born vampire, lives among undead brethren striving to find his place in their society.

Franklin, a vampire hunter, accepts a mission from the Scourge to capture Gianni for testing.

The pair meet along dark city streets, and an ill-fated attraction smolders between them. Natural enemies form an unlikely bond, but the peace between them cannot last.

The Scourge—an ancient organization bent on conquering supernaturals—need a born vampire for their labs. Franklin needs to rise in the ranks to live up to his family name. Gianni is caught in the fray. Where shame and betrayal loom large, can a vampire and a slayer find love, or will one have to kill the other to survive?

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Forbidden Bond by Lee Colgin

Coming in December 2019 with Ninestar Press
Forbidden Bond
They Bite: Book One

Stubborn scholar Sinclair Davis has petitioned the Vampire Council to take part in an exchange program at a werewolf university. The young vampire finds himself housed among a pack of rowdy werewolves with a hateful, but gorgeous leader.

Mitchel Edgehill is the powerful alpha werewolf to a pack of constantly changing college students. He’d never allow a vampire near his wolves—he hates the bloodsuckers—but Sinclair is thrust into the mix despite Mitchel’s protest.

The supernatural realm is on the cusp of a vote to decide whether or not to make themselves known to humanity. When werewolves and vampires cannot come to an agreement, talk of another war rattles the community.

Mitchel and Sinclair can’t deny their mutual attraction, despite the troubles brewing between their species. As escalating violence threatens society, they must work together or face the devastation of war.

*Author’s Note:  Two novels written years apart and with several books between them are now scheduled to release back to back. If you read both, please note the author is obsessed with the concept of a vampire born alive with a beating heart and human weaknesses. That idea is explored in similar but different ways in each novel. Don’t expect the rules in Slay My Love to apply to Forbidden Bond and vice versa. If you enjoy the concept as much as Lee does, stay tuned, because she has a third idea brewing.